Theory and practice

The Theory and Philosophy of Supervision

I can offer the opportunity to explore personal and professional development issues, support with challenging counselling practice and routine oversight of caseloads all within a safe and supportive setting. I have over twenty years experience of supervising counsellors, both line management and clinical supervision.

I am person-centred in my approach, although I also bring psychodynamic understanding to my practice. I encourage reflective practice and on-going appraisal of achievements with students. I have experience of supervising people both as students and as experienced counsellors. I have helped supervisees develop their expertise into new areas in safe ways.

In creating a space that reflects the core conditions of person-centred counselling, I enable those I supervise to explore their reactions to counselling individuals and encourage growth in self-awareness and sensitive responsiveness to clients.

My aim is to develop a collaborative relationship in order to consolidate the confidence and expertise for supervisees. I do this by encouraging them to reflect on their experience and use their reactions to their engagement with their clients to discover new understanding about the therapeutic relationship. In this context, successes can aid the development of professional esteem and mistakes where they occur can be learned from and help extend their range of expertise.

I have over the years have developed a deep interest in all kinds of mental health problem, and a deep respect for those who experience them. I have extensive experience of working with individuals who have experienced abuse and its after-effects and have supervised the work of other counsellors in complex and challenging areas. I also have substantial experience of working with those who have more common mental health problems.