I first met Julian Turner in 1989, when he worked as Director of a young people’s counselling service in East London. Julian became my counsellor and we worked together for a number of years on some very difficult issues that I was grappling with, as a consequence of extreme trauma and abuse that I had experienced as a child.

With kindness and gentleness, Julian enabled me to feel secure enough to talk about some extremely difficult material by creating an environment of safety, respect and hope. The work we did together was utterly life changing for me. His humble attitude and profound ability to bear witness to my suffering was a real gift to me and his approach has shaped my subsequent personal and professional development and provided the conditions for me to go on to live a successful, rewarding life.

When I later began a career working within mental health, Julian and I collaborated on a number of projects and again, I witnessed his unerring commitment to honouring expertise by experience and in supporting and advocating for people with mental health issues.

Julian Turner is a gifted therapist and an exceptional human being and I would highly recommend his services with confidence.

Jacqui Dillon.