Training in recovery from mental health problems

Recovery from mental health problems and how we can support it

This two-day course explains the background to the debate on recovery from mental health problems and gives practical assistance in how to promote recovery in the context of mental health.

The course covers:

Day I am

  • Recovery and the medical model
  • Emerging evidence that mental health problems are not illnesses but responses to circumstance
  • How can trauma and other life experiences lead to mental health problems

Day 1 pm

  • Case studies discussion: how your case load might be interpreted
  • Stages of recovery and the importance of hope
  • What sense does diagnosis make?

Day II am

  • An overview of treatments
  • Stages of recovery
  • Is recovery always possible?

Day II pm

  • How can we help people make a full recovery
  • The conditions in which recovery becomes likely
  • Revision and evaluation